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WatchGuard Panda Full Encryption

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  • Prevent loss, theft and unauthorized access to data without impacting users
  • No deployment or installation. No servers or additional costs. Zero problems
  • Regulatory compliance, reports and central management




According to Gartner,1 a laptop is stolen every 53 seconds. The growing amount of data stored on endpoints has clearly increased interest in this data, along with the risk of suffering a data breach through the loss, theft or unauthorized access to information.

This has led regulations such as the GDPR in the European Union and the CCPA in the United States to become more demanding in an effort to reduce the increasing likelihood of loss, theft or unauthorized access to data and the serious economic impact this entails


One of the most effective ways of minimizing data exposure is to automatically encrypt the hard drives on desktops, laptops and servers. This way, access to data is secure and complies with established authentication mechanisms. Establishing encryption policies provides an additional layer of security and control for organizations, although it may also lead to data control and recovery issues if the key is lost.

Panda Full Encryption leverages BitLocker, a proven and stable Microsoft technology, to encrypt and decrypt disks without impacting end users. It provides organizations with the added value of centrally controlling and managing the recovery keys stored on Panda Security’s Cloud-based management platform: Aether.

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