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WatchGuard Panda Endpoint Protection

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  • Multi-Platform Security
  • Simplify Management
  • Lower Impact On Performance
  • Centralized Device Security





Over the last few years, the evolution of technology, along with the widespread use of the Internet, mobile devices, and Cloudbased storage and apps, have all led to a real revolution in the corporate environment. This revolution, however, isn’t without risks. While these advantages are a boost for enterprises, these same advantages are also leveraged by cyber criminals.

In fact, in 2020 over 350,000 new malicious programs are being registered every day. Hackers are targeting vulnerable endpoints, where enterprises store their most valuable assets. The reason? As is so often the case, for economic gain. Malware and ransomware have become some of the most prevalent threats, although paradoxically, the direct costs are not the main problem — rather, it is the downtime they cause. This is forcing enterprises to adopt measures to improve their security posture.


The increasing exposure of companies to new types of malware and threats endangers their security posture, requiring new approaches to help reduce the impact of possible attacks.

Panda Endpoint Protection is an effective Cloud-native security solution for desktops, laptops and servers. It centrally manages the security of endpoints, both inside and outside the corporate network.

It includes a set of EPP technologies to prevent malware, ransomware and the latest threats. One of these technologies checks in real time the Panda Threat Intelligence, a huge repository being fed by the latest machine-learning algorithms, to detect malicious attacks faster.

Moreover, there is no need to maintain hardware and software. Its lightweight agent has no impact on endpoint performance, simplifying security management and increasing operational efficiency.

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