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WatchGuard Panda Adaptive Defense

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  • Simplifies and Minimizes Security Costs
  • Automates and Reduces Detection Time
  • Automates and Reduces Response and Investigation Time
  • Zero-Trust Application Service





Mobility, processing, and Cloud storage have all revolutionized the business environment. Workstations are the primary target for most cyber attacks. This is why endpoint security solutions need to be advanced, adaptive, and automatic, with the highest possible levels of prevention and detection.

Organizations receive thousands of weekly malware alerts, of which only 19 percent are considered trustworthy, and only 4 percent of which are ever investigated. Two-thirds of cybersecurity administrators’ time is dedicated to managing malware alerts.


Cyber Defense Against Advanced Threats

State-of-the-art cyber attacks are designed to get around the protection provided by traditional security solutions. These attacks are becoming more frequent and more sophisticated as hackers become more professionalized. It is also a result of a lack of focus on correcting security vulnerabilities in systems.

In light of this scenario, traditional protection platforms are insufficient. This is because they do not provide detailed enough visibility into the processes and applications running on corporate networks.

What’s more, some EDR solutions, far from solving anything, create greater stress and increase security administrators’ workloads by delegating the responsibility for managing alerts and forcing them to manually classify threats.


The EDR Solution – Endpoint Detection & Response

Panda Adaptive Defense is an innovative cybersecurity solution for computers, laptops and servers, delivered from the Cloud. It automates the prevention, detection, containment and response to any advanced threat, zero day malware, ransomware, phishing, in-memory exploits, and malwareless attacks, both present and future, inside and outside the corporate network.

Panda Adaptive Defense combines the widest range of automated EDR capabilities. It also has two services, managed by Panda Security experts, which are delivered as a feature of the solution:

  • Zero-Trust Application Service
  • Threat Hunting Service

Thanks to its Cloud architecture, its agent is lightweight and has little impact on device performance, which are managed via a single Cloud architecture, even when they are isolated.

Panda Adaptive Defense is accessible from a single web console. It integrates Cloud protection and management platforms (Aether), which maximize prevention, detection and automated response, minimizing the effort required.

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