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WatchGuard Full Encryption

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  • Automate storage & correlation of information generated by your secure network
  • Extract security context from endpoints through Panda Adaptive Defense 360
  • Automatically generates security intelligence & provide tools to pinpoint attacks & unusual behaviors
  • Provides the capacity to search, explore, & analyze network usage data
  • Manufacturer Part #: WGENCR30120



One of the most effective ways of minimizing data exposure is to automatically encrypt the hard drives on desktops, laptops and servers. This way, access to data is secure and complies with established authentication mechanisms. Establishing encryption policies provides an additional layer of security and control for organizations, although it may also lead to data control and recovery issues if the key is lost.

WatchGuard Panda Full Encryption leverages BitLocker, a proven and stable Microsoft technology, to encrypt and decrypt disks without impacting end users. It provides organizations with the added value of centrally controlling and managing the recovery keys stored on Panda Security’s Cloud-based management platform: Aether.


Prevent loss, theft and unauthorized access to data without impacting users

Encrypt your disks and protect their content against theft, accidental loss and malicious insiders. Data encryption, decryption and access are automatic, immediate, and seamless to users.

For your convenience, recovery keys are stored and recovered securely from the Cloud platform and its web console.

No deployment or installation. No servers or additional costs. Zero problems

Panda Full Encryption centrally manages BitLocker, a proven and widely used Windows technology.

BitLocker is included out of the box in most Windows operating systems, and with Aether Platform’s web console you’ll have a single centralized place to manage your devices.

You won’t need to deploy or install another agent. All Aetherbased solutions share the same lightweight agent.

The ability to centrally manage recovery keys from the Cloud means you don’t have to install or maintain servers to manage them.

Panda Full Encryption can be enabled immediately and is easily managed through Aether Platform’s user-friendly interface.

Regulatory compliance, reports and central management

Panda Full Encryption aids and simplifies compliance with data protection regulations by monitoring and enforcing BitLocker activation on Windows devices.

All Aether-based solutions provide intuitive dashboards, detailed reports and change audits.

Additionally, its role-based management allows administrators to implement different authorization levels and different policies for groups and devices from a single centralized web console.


Panda Full Encryption, is an additional module for Panda Security’s endpoint protection and advanced adaptive security solutions, designed to centrally manage full disk encryption. It provides the following features:

Full Drive Encryption and Decryption

Panda Full Encryption leverages BitLocker to fully encrypt the drives of your Windows laptops, desktops and servers. Panda Full Encryption dashboard provides global visibility into compatible network endpoints, their encryption status and the authentication method used, and enables administrators to assign encryption settings and restrict encryption permissions.

Centralized Management of Recovery Keys

If the access key is forgotten, or there are changes in the boot sequence, BitLocker will ask for a recovery key to start up the affected system. If required, the network administrator can get the recovery key through the management console and send it to the user.

Lists and Reports. Centralized Policy Application

The computer list in the console allows administrators to apply multiple filters based on encryption status. These lists can be exported for data analysis with external tools. Define encryption policies from the console and view policy changes through audit reports you can present to regulatory bodies and institutions if required.


The Cloud platform Aether is common to all of Panda Security’s endpoint solutions. It simplifies security, vulnerability evaluation and patch management. All of this, combined with Panda Full Encryption’s supervision and management of encryption on all endpoints allows companies to reinforce their security posture while adding value to their operations.

Generates Greater Value In Less Time. Quick and Easy Implementation

  • Deployment, installation and configuration in minutes. See the value from day one.
  • Single, lightweight agent for all products and platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android).
  • Automatic discovery of unprotected endpoints. Remote installation.
  • Proprietary proxy and repository/cache technologies. Optimized communication even with endpoints with no Internet connection.

Simplifies Operations. Adapts to Your Organization

  • Intuitive web console.
  • Flexible, modular management that reduces the total cost of ownership.
  • Users with total or restricted permissions and visibility. Activity audits.
  • Security policies for groups and endpoints. Predefined and custom roles.
  • Hardware and software inventories and change logs.

Easy Scaling of Security and Management Capabilities Over Time

  • Deploy modules without additional infrastructures or deployment costs.
  • Real-time communication with endpoints from a single web management console.
  • Dashboards and indicators for each module.

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