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WatchGuard Advanced Reporting Tool

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  • Server lockdown
  • Cryptoguard
  • Root cause analysis
  • Exploit protection
  • Includes all features of classic server protection with Intercept X
  • Comes with MTR Advanced Add-on
  • Manufacturer Part #: WGINSG30120



New Endpoint, Same Great WatchGuard Support

Panda Security is a leading provider of advanced cybersecurity solutions that was purchased & integrated into the WatchGuard network security family in 2021. Panda Security services offer best-in-class network security for small businesses, mid-sized businesses, and enterprise networks. With advanced endpoint protection, real-time threat intelligence, and monitoring for both known & unknown advanced threats, Panda Security locks down your network no matter where endusers may roam.

Panda Security Becomes WatchGuard Endpoint Security

WatchGuard Endpoint Security features the Panda Security technology you know and love, including a full stack of integrated product options with encryption, patching, remote monitoring and management, and more. Panda Advanced Reporting Tool stores and correlates information from endpoints on processes executed and other contextual information. Full encryption services and patch management platforms make it easy to secure personal data without slowing user experiences or leaving vulnerable blindspots hidden in third-party applications and vulnerable operating systems.

Panda Adaptive Defense 360

Unified EPP and EDR capabilities, with unique Zero-Trust Application Service and Threat Hunting Service in one single solution, to effectively detect and classify 100% of processes running on all the endpoints within your organization.

Panda Adaptive Defense

Intelligent EDR that automates the detection, classification and response to all the endpoint activity. Automatically detects suspicious behaviors to block and respond to breaches, malware and advanced threats.

Panda Systems Management

The easy and affordable way to manage, monitor, maintain and support all your organization’s devices and IT systems.

Panda Email Protection

Multi-layer protection for your company’s email against all types of malware and spam.

Panda Fusion

Combines Systems Management and Endpoint Protection Plus solutions to protect, manage and support your corporate devices.

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